About Us

Night of Asia, the largest Asian festival in Jacksonville, was organized by leaders and volunteers from local corporate Asian Employee Resource Groups and Asian community organizations, is the largest Asian festival in Jacksonville.  

Our vision is: “Many Faces…One Mission…Building OUR COMMonUNITY.”

Night of Asia was started in 2012 by local volunteers from corporate Asian employee resource groups and Asian community organizations, with hopes of raising funds for victims of Typhoon Sendong in the Philippines. Night of Asia was a one night Festival that showcased Asian cultures, entertainment, food, dance and more. The best part: they raised over $45,000 in 30 days, far more than they dreamed would be possible. The second and third years, Night of Asia was SOLD OUT, and attendance more than doubled.

In 2014, this amazing one night festival becomes a non-profit 501(c)(3) community organization, transforming its structure to reflect its  renewed dedication to helping the community. Once again, the Night of Asia team continues to build awareness of Asian culture, provide community support, and foster strong relationships across Northeast Florida.